18 October 1965 / Magnus Estate

During the Second World War, my mastery of physics and aerodynamics allowed me to design aircraft whose speed and agility were well beyond what was, and still is, thought possible. However, the metals available to build these craft were inadequate for these means, and most of the planes ended up disintegrating above rural communities, leaving dramatic, glowing trails. This taught me two things: people are unduly fixated on UFOs, and sometimes we are limited not by our ability, but by the materials with which we must work.

For some time, I have held the belief that direct electric stimulation applied alternatively between the amygdale and the tip of the pre-frontal lobe responsible for cursing can double the cognitive ability of even an already gifted mind. It is a simple matter of activation of dormant neural pathways. But the human mind, for all its beauty and complexity, is frail. Once again, the science was sound, but I overestimated the strength of the materials I was using.

I won’t give the details of the clinical experiments here, as those have already been recorded in the lab. However, I will say this: "Hippies" so casually speak of "blowing minds," but I think they would not be so nonchalant if they witnessed the horror of an actual blown mind. I know all too well the telltale sound of a blow out. It’s not unlike that of a match fizzling as it hits water, and happens seconds before the awful "googly eyes" that belie the complete lack of intellectual function.

My heart is especially heavy today, as it was the mind of a friend that was tossed into the abyss. I’m glad that we have record of Marlon's excellent work, for now I fear he will henceforth only spout gibberish and eat "snack cakes.”